Week 10 – The Gnome Experiment

Gnomadic Lifestyle

My last blog for the semester! Happy days. At this point, it’s no surprise to anyone that adopting social media can have a wide range of positive effects. However the hard part of this is determining what returns you are making. It’s great if you can establish multiple social platforms for your company, but are costs involved greater than the rewards – could you even tell?

This week’s topic is all about the return of investment (ROI) in social media, and the difficulties encountered in trying to quantify and resolve those figures. It’s a general term for trying to identify how effective social media implementation and usage actually is. In this blog, I will analyse how it can be done. Continue reading

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Week 9 – Burton and Social Monitoring

Hey all, it’s the weekend at long last and so with coffee in hand, I get to talk about my next topic, Burton! Specifically, I’ll be monitoring this brand using three social monitoring tools. I decided to use Tweetreach, Facebook Likes and Socialmention to get an idea of how their audience are talking about the brand. This time around, I’ll actually be talking about my own use of these tools, and ultimately what discoveries I have made. Bio time! Continue reading

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Week 8 – The Travel Industry in Social Media

Student Flights and Professional Services

Hey everyone, it’s a cold and dreary outside, so I think I’ll stay inside today and talk about enterprise 2.0 again. Last week we had a look at the social sector, so this time around I’ll be looking at Student Flights, a company within the professional services sector. I’ll also be looking at how certain value levers identified by the Mckinsey Global Institute (yes, again) are shaping the effectiveness of their social media use.  Go time!

Student Flights, as the name suggests, is a company that offers travel services for students on a domestic and international scale. Continue reading

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Week 7 – Creative Commons

Protecting your content

One thing I don’t think I’ve ever truly appreciated is the fact that I have access to millions of resources through the Internet – pictures, music, articles, and academic resources – lots of stuff.

And while Its all a click away, it’s availability can be a cause for concern. I refer to the potential reuse and distribution of intellectual property without proper legal consent. For instance, on my blogs I usually have a couple of images, but who owns them? Perhaps someone out there posted a photo of theirs, and it found its way to internet fame, permeating all four corners of the web. Who’s to say they want that exposure? Continue reading

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Week 5 – Put Effort Into Your Social Media

Social media is integral in todays society. Facebook, twitter, blogs – your friends, family, and even companies have got on-board. The connectivity is unparalleled and whilst being a source of joy for many, it has been a blunder for more.

HMV, a global entertainment retailer experienced one such blunder. This is a company with 7,000 employees and more then 1.5 billion dollars in annual revenue, dealing in audio, video and the like. You might remember seeing them around Brisbane, but they disappeared and got replaced with shoe and upper class clothing stores.

Moving on. Continue reading

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Week 4 – Crowdsourcing, Let’s Talk Lego

Collaboration and Crowdsourcing

It should come as no surprise that product development is changing. This has as much to do with the advent of social technologies as it does with the emergence of the Internet and changing mindsets of the people of the world.

Crowdsourcing has emerged in the past decade as a viable means for getting ideas from the masses using them to develop new and exciting products. Sometimes it is a community-instigated event, and other times it is a promoted or on-going event hosted by a company. There are usually incentives, whether it is money, recognition, position or the fun of being involved. Continue reading

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Week 3 – Leaving the Maze Behind

A Man in a maze

“Jefferson, go tell marketing the idea you had”

It’s not uncommon knowledge that business and enterprise have long been fragmented. Teams, departments, location and hierarchy have often slowed down business to the detriment of workplace efficiency, culture and innovation. To put it simply, the workplace was a maze.

However the way we communicate has changed immensely. It’s incredible to think that a decade ago we had no social networking platforms on the scale of Facebook or Twitter. Who would have thought that the hive mind Wikipedia would ever be possible?

That’s a society we live in today, and yet enterprise has been slow to adopt or adapt to this new environment. These social and engaging technologies are not only useful; they’re cost effective. Continue reading

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Week 2 – Beginning to Blog

Hi. I’m Sam.

Sam MacGregor. 20 years old. Male. Third year QUT student.

IX58. Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Information Technology.

Traveller. Snowboarder. Reader. Tennis Player. Kinda-good french speaker.

Im fairly new to blogging so I thought an introduction would not be the worst way to start, and a little background on the blogger adds a bit of flavour. In a way, style is what makes the blog. It’s what helps develop the content, build an identity and create a unique experience for the end user to be involved in.

I’m still finding my style, but over the semester as I address different topics under the umbrella of Enterprise 2.0 and areas of my curiosity, I will nail it.

So what will I do different, how will I get people to read this blog? Continue reading

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